Hello, I'm Lisa!

I'm a travel and landscape photographer based in Denver, Colorado (and sometimes San Francisco, California).

I've always loved traveling and experiencing new adventures in the wild. After graduating college, I spent the summer traveling across Europe and Asia, but once I got back to the states, I still felt that itch to explore more of the world. Since then, I've been to over 20 U.S. states and 15 countries.

Along the way, I picked up my first camera and was instantly inspired to chase light, capture fleeting moments, and show others the beauty of being outdoors. I love immersing myself in new places, and hope that my photos can help inspire others to get out and connect with their own adventures.

(Photos of me taken by Dillon Jenkins)


Do you work full-time as a photographer?

No, I'm actually a self-taught photographer on the side. I work full-time, 5 days a week, but I make travel and photography a priority as much as I can. That means planning way far in advance for trips, taking full advantage of any holiday days off, and saving up time (and money) to go on trips. I'm also incredibly lucky to have support from family, friends, and my coworkers to pursue my passion.

What gear do you use?

I love keeping my gear light and versatile for travel! My current setup includes:

  • Sony a7ii

  • Sony lenses: 16-35mm f/4, 24-70mm f/2.8, and 55mm f/1.8

  • Manfrotto ND8, circular polarizing filters

  • Manfrotto Befree tripod

How can we collaborate together?

I am always looking for brands and creatives to collaborate with. If you have an idea, get in touch with me and let's see what we can create together!

Any advice for aspiring photographers?

Spend time figuring out your style and individual interest in photography. Everyone has a unique flavor they bring to the art, and it just takes patience and practice to figure out what makes it uniquely you. Gain inspiration from others, but don't aspire to be just like them.

Clients and Partners


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